Three Tips to Prevent Feeling Overwhelmed While Planning a Catholic Wedding Planning

Submission & Photographs by Mystical Rose Photography

One thing that I admire about the couples I get to work with is how deeply they value the sacrament they are entering into. That being said, it can be easy to let wedding planning get in the way, so here Three Tips to Prevent Feeling Overwhelmed while planning a Catholic Wedding.

1. Hire Vendors that you Trust.

I know I am biased as a Catholic wedding photographer, but I strongly recommend hiring vendors that you trust can do their job and will help you along with your engagement, especially on the wedding day! It will relieve so much stress off of you to know that your photographs are taken care of and that your photographer knows what to do on the day of. It’s even better if you know that your vendors are praying for you throughout the process and on the wedding day!

2. Take Time off From Wedding Planning

It’s easy to get burnt out if you spend all your time on one thing (that’s also why vendors can help so much because they give a lot of your time back!) This season of engagement is easy to “wish away” but try your best to soak it in and enjoy this time with your fiance. There is so much growth and beauty that can happen during this time. I highly recommend having regular date nights, and talking about your future as a married couple together!

3. Pick a patron saint for your marriage!

Find a saint that you two resonate with, and pray to that saint when things get difficult during wedding planning (and during your marriage too)! Praying together is so important to stay strong during the temptations you will face. It will also set you up for success during marriage because you are already building a strong foundation of prayer life together! What else would you add? Let me know below!

This wedding feature was written, and submitted by Mystical Rose Photography. Mystical Rose Photography is a Catholic wedding photography business based in Cincinnati. For more of Victoria’s work, visit her profile on the Catholic Bridal Collective. To submit to be featured on our blog, visit the submissions page on our website!

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