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Hi there! I’m Victoria, the owner of Mystical Rose Photography! I’ve been married to my husband, Steven, for over 2 years, and I have seen the deep beauty of marriage as I live out this vocation with him. I saw the beauty of it before, but there’s something about living in it that vocation that makes everything about it seem so much clearer, and more beautiful. He’s my best friend, my number one supporter, and usually the first person I go to with excitement whenever I get a inquiry and booked to photograph this sacrament for another lovely Catholic couple!

This is my aim for you: to bring joy and peace. I want you to feel joy throughout the process through my personality and through the images I will provide. I want you to feel peace in choosing an experienced photographer who understands the Mass. As a former bride (and as a Catholic) I know the importance of this sacrament. Of the reverence that is due in church. I know firsthand the beauty of a Catholic marriage; the deep joy and bliss that is surrounded by it! And I want to be there to capture it all for you!

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