Elegant & Timeless Catholic Wedding, Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville- Paige & Tim

Writer & Photographer: Nikayla and Co

“We met when Paige was the maid of honor at a wedding that I photographed last year, and she was a super sweet and intentional person with a great attitude. When she reached out to me a year later, I was so excited! Not only was her wedding at a Cathedral, but it was in Nashville, where I’ve never been before. The most inspiring part about this wedding was hearing about how Paige & Tim had found each other. I was told in their questionnaire early on that they had met on Catholic Match, and had instantly knew that something exciting was happening for them. What I found out later that was truly remarkable was that they had each prayed a 54-Day Rosary Novena to find their spouses shortly before finally meeting each other!”

“Everything went right on this day. I started at an old, luxury hotel where Paige & her friends got ready. I got to do an amazing flat lay, had amazing natural window light, and things were even on time.”

“I’ll have to say though, the church and couples session were my favorite parts.”

This church in Nashville is absolutely gorgeous, classic, and traditional. It felt like Rome.

“Every part of the mass was pious and joyful! Right after the ceremony, the five little flower girls helped Paige get her dress straightened out on the steps is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken to date. They looked like little cherubs helping Mary, Queen of Heaven!”

“The couple’s portrait session took place at War Memorial, where the massive columns and ornate doors decorated the background of this sweet couple and their romantic session.”

“Her venue was also an adorable all white venue called 14TENN that felt like a mix of farmhouse & soft industrial. Decor was kept simple but stunning with tall candles, greenery and roses on the tables and chandeliers. A live band that kept everyone energetic and in the mood to celebrate!”

“Paige & Tim’s wedding was carefully crafted and absolutely gorgeous. Everything about the day and process was totally centered on Jesus and the sacrament!”

Paige & Tim’s Wedding feature was photographed, described, and submitted by Nikayla & Co! Nikayla is a Catholic photographer and florist based out of Souix Falls, South Dakota. For more of Nikayla’s work, visit her profile on the Catholic Bridal Collective. To submit to be featured on our blog, visit the submissions page on our website!

Other Vendors:

Dress: Mikaella Bridal purchased at Fabulous Frocks https://fabulousfrocksbridal.com/nashville/

Floral: https://cravecateringevents.com/prim-poppy/

DJ/Band: https://www.30viceentertainment.com

Desserts: https://eastleighdesserts.com

Invitations: https://www.invitationsbydawn.com

HMUA: https://www.theagencyofbeauty.com

Rentals: https://southerneventsonline.com

Vintage Car: https://www.matchlesstransportation.com

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