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Homebase: South Dakota

Also serves: Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Nevada, California, Colorado. I will gladly travel anywhere in the world for weddings!

I am a photographer primarily based out of Sioux Falls, SD, though I love traveling for weddings and my team and I shoot regularly all over the country. After years and years of experience in photography and getting my Bachelor of Fine Art, I still love what I do. I want to make sure you feel like you really know me and understand why I’m in love with my job when we work together. I got married in 2017 and cherish my wedding photos like I can’t even explain. Each wedding is immensely and indescribably meaningful and unique, and I’m here to publish that and imprint it ever more deeply into my client’s memories. Not only does my work prove as a constant reminder of the vows and promises I made in my own wedding, but as a reminder of the importance of marriage and the sacraments. The depth of giving our lives away to one another is both totally crazy and perfectly sweet at once. The bride walking to her groom, the couple praising together, the vows, the candid in-between moments, the precise details, and the celebratory joy – it all just gets me so excited.

When I get to go home and look through the day I captured, just smiling til my cheeks hurt, I see the magic I was privileged to experience. I strive to interpret the mystery of eternal love by capturing the glimpses of it within human love, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

South Dakota Catholic Wedding Photographer

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