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My name is William and I’ve been capturing weddings for 7 years now. I’m a father of 8 and 4 in heaven. Every wedding hits just a little different, but each one gives me a reminder of my own sacrament of marriage. My wife Kitty and I have been married for 13 years and it has been wonderful.

Capturing your moments are important to me. However capturing the essence of your sacrament are even more important to me. It is not lost on me as a fellow Catholic what is happening in this moment. To come before the Lord Himself to be joined as one in front of all of your loved ones is the culmination of the Love of God in your lives. I aim to capture this.

I am also a faithful Catholic that spends many hours in my home parish through out the week. This means that I fully understand the reverence and dignity that is given to Christ throughout the Ceremony and my goal is to not interrupt the ceremony so that others may fully enter into the mass.

I also love traveling across the U.S. to see the different aspects of our rich faith and how I can tell your individual story with my photography.

California Catholic Wedding Photographer

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