Teresa and Stephen’s Traditional Wedding at St. Joseph’s Catholic Churcin Mishawaka, Indiana

Written and submitted by Viet Q. Photography – A Catholic Bridal Collective Vendor and Catholic Wedding Photographer based in Arizona

” 3 words. BIG BIG FAMILY.

At the heart of every remarkable wedding is the essence of family, and some celebrations leave an indelible mark on the photographer’s soul. I recently had the honor of photographing a wedding where the love and connection among the families of Teresa and Stephen were deeply felt and it moved my desire to have something similar in my own life one day.

From the initial inquiry, Teresa had warned me  ‘We both come from large, fun-loving families,’ and let me tell you, she wasn’t exaggerating. The wedding unfolded into a beautiful chaos of joy with a total of 38 siblings, spouses, and their children combined. As I immersed myself in capturing the laughter, shared glances, and heartfelt embraces, it became evident that this wasn’t just a wedding; it was a testament to the power of familial love.

What struck me most was the authenticity in their connections, the kind that goes beyond mere celebration and echoes with the resonance of shared stories and enduring bonds. In a quiet moment, I sought out Teresa’s parents and asked about the secret behind their exceptional family culture. Their answer, ‘Prayer, The Rosary, and Home School,’ unveiled a profound depth to their commitment. Their large family, a testament to the strength of love, was nurtured by daily prayer, the collective devotion of the Rosary, and the intentional choice to homeschool. As I reflected on their words and witnessed the dynamic energy of this expansive family, I couldn’t help but feel inspired. The wedding wasn’t just about capturing fleeting moments; it was about documenting a legacy of love and connection. 

This wedding is my reminder that in the chaos of laughter, dance, and celebration, there lies a profound story of love, faith, and the incredible beauty of family. And in those 38 siblings, spouses, and children, I witnessed not just a wedding, but a living testament to the extraordinary strength of family bonds.”

Church: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Mishawaka, Indiana

Reception Venue: The Armory, South Bend

Cinematographer: Kruis Studios

Floral Design Matzke Florist

Cake The Ragamuffin Bakery

This wedding feature was written, photographed, and submitted by our TCBC Vendor Viet Q. Photography. Viet is a Catholic wedding photographer based out of Arizona. For more of Viet’s work, visit his profile on the Catholic Bridal Collective. To submit to be featured on our blog, visit the submissions page on our website!

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