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Hey there, my name is Toni! I have been a photographer for six years and officially started my business in 2021. I was raised Catholic, but it wasn’t until my Freshman year of college that I began to explore the truth of the Catholic Church, fell in love with Jesus, and had a reconversion.

I have always been creative, with an eye for design and visual details. I have heard God calling me to use my talents for His glory, and that’s exactly what I’ve been striving to do. I followed God’s calling by being the main photographer for the NAU Newman Center and for a Catholic jewelry company called My Saint My Hero. These jobs have led me to where I am today as a Catholic wedding photographer.

Since 2021, I have been honored the responsibility of capturing the sacredness of the Sacrament of Marriage and the joy of joining families.

As a Catholic, mother, wife, and creative, I know how important it is for Catholic couples to find a devout Catholic photographer who understands the sacredness of marriage and the beauty of Christ’s Church. I am that girl for you!

The mass will always be my inspiration and groundwork for wedding photography. I’m drawn to the quiet, yet powerful moments that happen in the mass. Seeing a couple experiencing the nuptial mass together in front of Jesus is such a heavenly experience here on Earth. I want to gift each newlywed, photos of those moments that tend to fly by so quickly.

As your photographer, I will capture that glimpse of heaven at your wedding. I will be overjoyed to support you both during your preparation with encouragement and prayers!

Missouri Catholic Wedding Photographer

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