The Rosary Lasso Tradition

One of the most beloved, inspiring, and beautiful things about the Catholic Church is our incredibly rich history of tradition! The celebration of the Nuptial mass is no different. The liturgy is flush with symbolism and traditions, some of which are broad and far reaching, and some of which have cultural significance, like the rosary lasso. The rosary lasso is a tradition in Catholic wedding masses that is gaining popularity. This ritual dates back to the 14th century. It is more common among Mexican, Filipino, and Spanish communities, however this is a tradition that anyone can choose to incorporate into their wedding mass!

A rosary lasso, or “el lasso”, is exactly what it sound like. It is an oversized rosary, big enough to wrap around the couple. It typically has two loops connecting in the middle with a crucifix. After the couple exchanges their vows, the couple’s godparents or family members place the lasso around their shoulders in the shape of a figure eight. The lasso is first placed around the groom’s shoulders and then the brides. The priest then recites a prayer over the couple and blesses the rosary lasso. The couple keeps the lasso on their shoulders until the end of the mass. Either the priest or the same people who placed the lasso take it off of the couple before they exit the church.

Many couples decide to incorporate this tradition into their wedding mass because it has such rich symbolism! When around the couple, the lasso forms the shape of a figure eight, an infinity sign, representing that they are now unified through the sacrament of marriage. The crucifix of the lasso is also in the middle of the couple, signifying God’s presence in their marriage. Many families will also pass down this tradition, along with a rosary lasso, adding to the significance of the tradition.

The rosary lasso is a beautiful keepsake couples to remind them of their commitment to each other and to God. Many will choose to display it in their homes or keep it safely tucked away. It is also very common that they save it to pass on to their children one day.

There are many beautiful traditions that can be incorporated into Catholic weddings. If this is a tradition you are interested in including talk to your priest about it!

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