Requesting a Papal Blessing for your wedding

Did you know that you can request a beautiful parchment blessing straight from Rome? Papal blessings can be requested for birthdays, baptisms, confirmations, anniversaries, and of course, weddings! Here’s how to request a blessing for your wedding.

Photography from Fleur de Lis Portraiture

Things to note:

  • There is a fee to request a blessings, and that money is used for shipping and the parchment itself (not for the blessing). The fee is used to cover costs, and also contributes to charitable giving as well. The fee is typically less that $50.
  • The process takes a little over a month typically.
  • It cannot be done retroactively. Your blessing can’t be ordered any more than six months before the date or more than four months after, so if a blessing is something you’re considering, we recommend not delaying!
  • You must attest that you have are a practicing Catholic and that you have met all the criteria for the sacrament. This is merely a blessing of the sacrament you have received, and you are responsible for everything that sacrament entails.
  • Papal blessing parchments can also be requested in person if you are visiting Rome! The Office of Papal Charities is open Monday-Saturday and can be found by entering St. Anne’s Gate.

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