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Hello, we are Michael and Amelia Blankenberger. We work together to preserve people’s wedding flowers into rosaries, jewelry and other memorial pieces. We are both graduates of Franciscan University and live in Southern Indiana with our 5 children.

Traditionally, rosary beads were made out of roses, hence the name. The roses were made into clay, rolled into beads, and left to dry. However, this traditional method requires a significant amount of rose petals and the beads tend to be incredibly fragile. Additionally, this method only produces black beads. We wanted to offer beads that would be durable, water resistant, and customizable in color. MMIB uses a process that incorporates flower petals into clay. This method allows us to use any type of flower petal, significantly less petals per piece, and any age of petal. Meaning, you can have a piece made from flowers you dried decades ago! The flexibilities of our process allow us to create custom pieces for our customers.

What started as a small idea, blossomed into a company that allows us to play a small role in how people cherish and remember their special occasions or loved ones for the rest of their lives. As the orders roll in, so do the stories. We are moved by the stories that accompany the flowers sent. Our business has grown into a type of ministry for us as we pray for the families suffering with loss and the souls of the departed, as well as celebrating newlyweds, newborn babies, and growing families. No matter where the flowers come from, they all have a meaningful story behind them. We love to offer up our work for our customers and their families.

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