Little Brick House


Instagram: @littlebrickweghouse

Homebase: Minnesota

Also serves: Montana, North Dakota, and nationwide (for a fee)

little brick house  🧱

We are a Catholic wedding photographer/videographer duo following our little kids dreams: to use cameras as artists + create work that belongs in the home. We primarily shoot in the Minnesota, N. Dakota, and Montana but are always up for an adventure somewhere new! It is between these three areas we were born + raised, started shooting together, fell in love, + created a home of our own. we are absolutely thrilled to create work for our clients that will find its place in the homes they cultivate.

little brick house desires to root our business in the sturdy heart of Jesus. We want to cultivate work for you that will shine with His radiating light. It is our hope that by using the artistic creativity God has given us, we can capture the love for which He has destined from all eternity… your love. Through your love, molded by His hands + in your yes to this vocation, you are being fashioned more intricately + completely into the person He has called you to be.

what an HONOR it would be to capture such a momentous occasion !

We hope to capture the authentic, joyful moments that make your love radiate Christ! We can’t wait to connect with you and are praying for each of you in this season of engagement 🤍

Bryn + Johnny

Minnesota Catholic Wedding Videographer + Photographer

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