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I am Kenneth Munyer – a Marine Corps veteran, counselor-in-training, and an artist passionate about expressing my Catholic faith through Wedding Photography.

My first experience of photography was during my Sophomore year in high-school back in 2008. I was captivated by the art form, but didn’t think it would be practical to pursue as a profession. I enlisted in the Marines in 2010 and left in 2015 to begin my education journey. In 2018, I went on a mission trip with FOCUS and felt inspired to bring a camera with me. I became obsessed with photography after the trip, which led me to experience a series of God-moments along the way to finally launching my business in 2019.

What drives me is God. I believe God is in beauty. He is in the present moment. On top of that, every person is made in His image and likeness. What I see when I photograph weddings is the tenderness of the bride and groom, the emotions of their family members, and the mind-blowing truth that their big day is going to go by in what seems like a flash. The gravity of this gives me the energy to properly empty myself in humility and immerse myself in their moments.

I want my clients to experience the same emotion twenty years from now that they experienced today when looking at their pictures. I want their children and grandchildren to see the love and the humanity of the their ancestors in a vivid and lucid way…so they can think to themselves, “Wow; Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa weren’t so different from us after all!”.

This interplay with God, eternity, the present moment and all the raw emotion in between is how my Catholic faith influences my business. This fire is a genuine desire to serve others by using my talent, skill, and heart. I want to always be a pencil in His mighty hands, to joyfully carry my cross, because, in the end, it is all to glorify His Kingdom.

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