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The name ICON resonates with me for several reasons:

Faith. In the same way that religious icons are used to focus one’s attention to God through invocation of Saints, it is a constant reminder to me that everything I have is not mine. It keeps me grounded, humble, and gracious.
It also reminds me to offer up my struggles and anxiety, and to know that I need to let go of things I can’t control. I have to have faith that God will provide everything I need even when I’m terrified.

Beauty and Art. I draw so much inspiration from European art. I love late Byzantine through Renaissance and Neoclassical. Think about the amazing paintings with gorgeous florals from the Dutch masters, and the brilliancy of light and perspective from Renaissance artists. These talented people were able to see so much beauty in the nature around them, and then convert that into a stunning work of art in their own styles. Actual icons tend to predate that time in art history, but their beauty and craftsmanship is timeless, and many elements, like the religious subject matter and use of gold is found throughout all of these eras.

Future. And of course, I would love to develop my own distinctive, iconic style that hopefully everyone else loves too. 🙂

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