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Homebase: Minnesota

Also serves: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan – more than willing to travel!

Hi! My name is Betsy. I built GoldHouse out of a love and appreciation of beauty, and a desire to love well every person I meet. I have long loved the art of film and production. As a consumer it has evoked some of my strongest emotions, and as a producer – I find it does much the same. It has an ability to elicit emotions in a uniquely visceral way. The colors, the sounds, the movements specifically chosen to tell each story, the undertone and embellishment of a musical score… all these things are harnessed and structured differently for every single Film. Because every story is different. Much like life, there can be no “formula”; only an understanding of each element, what it brings and how it enriches the whole. It offers me the opportunity to walk with others in a unique way, to share IN each story as it unfolds. Christ and His sacrament of matrimony remain the central themes of every film. We always keep respect for the service and remain “behind-the-scenes” throughout your day. There is minimal to no posing requested from us, as we always aspire to authentically capture exactly what is happening and give you a film that doesn’t just portray what happened but FEELS like you’re back there – experiencing it all again. We offer a range of packages and many add-ons for top customization potential and are always willing to work with our couples.

There is so much joy and connection to be found in each other’s stories and each other’s lives. Will you let us share yours?

Minnesota Catholic Wedding Videographer

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