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We’re that couple you see laughing in the grocery store aisle as we argue over which brand of cereal to buy. We’re the pair you spot dancing in the rain, cameras in hand, capturing life’s magical moments. We’re young, we’re fun, and we’re madly in love—not just with each other, but with our craft.


We specialize in capturing love in all its forms. From the “I do’s” to the “She said yes!” and every beautiful moment in between. While weddings make our hearts sing (we’ve been there, we get it!), we’re also your go-to for engagement sessions, senior portraits, and those oh-so-adorable family photos where even the dog smiles.

Why Choose Us? 🤍

We’re Adventurous: Love knows no bounds, and neither do we! We’re globetrotters at heart and will happily travel to the ends of the Earth (or just the next town over) to capture your special moments.

We’re Dedicated: We pour our hearts into every click and frame, ensuring you get nothing but the best. Quality is our middle name—well, not really, but you get the gist.

We’re Fun: Seriously, we’re a blast to work with! We keep the mood light, the smiles big, and the laughs coming, making sure you’re comfortable and enjoying the experience as much as we are.

We love God and His Church: We have a combined 12 years of missionary service to the Catholic Church. (Fun fact: Sarah dropped out of college to become a missionary!) and we’ve dedicated our lives and our marriage to the glory of God; we’re on a mission to capture other couples in this beautiful sacrament.

WHERE WE’VE BEEN 🌎: We’ve been to Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Washington D.C. and many more places for weddings and other photoshoots. We were even the official photographers for the March for Life (We 💛 Babies!)

Ohio Catholic Wedding Photographers

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