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I’m Jo – Jesus lover, the gal with the puns, and the perfect movie quote for every occasion. Oh, and I’m also the nerdiest third wheel you’ll ever meet. My journey into videography and photography started back when I was a youth minister at my home parish in Orlando, FL. I’d take my camera with me everywhere – from treks through the Rockys to capturing sunsets in the Smoky Mountains. Documenting these happy moments sparked something within me and I fell in love with visual storytelling.

I’m also what I like to call an extroverted extrovert. I thrive around people. I value getting real, raw and sharing stories. This naturally led me into shooting weddings. I still consider myself in ministry – it just looks a little different. Now it’s about walking with couples as you prepare for marriage and the joy of your wedding day. I’m so grateful my journey has led me here.

I’m here for you every step of the way – from authentically capturing and crafting your wedding filming to helping you figure out the small details. Right now, you see me as a prospective vendor. But I hope after we work together, you’ll see me as a kindred spirit. I believe in real moments, not perfect ones; which is exactly why I favor those natural and honest moments over staged ones. The most beautiful moments are the ones that are stirred up from the very depths of your soul and are shared with your loved one(s). I capture the moments that mean the most to you and stitch them all together in one extraordinary storytelling experience.

Florida Catholic Wedding Photographer and Videographer

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