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Homebase: Missouri

Also serves: Nationwide

Cori and Kiera are Catholic photographers based in St. Louis, MO, known as the Rome of the West. We specialize in liturgical photography for both forms of the liturgy and in particular the sacraments, all while maintaining the utmost reverence for Our Lord. One of the only things we love more than showing the love between our clients and beauty of the sacrament of marriage is showing the goodness and beauty of God in our work. With well over twenty years of photography experience between us, we bring a thorough knowledge of the Mass and our passion for the Faith to every Mass we photograph, a couple of ninjas moving through the church as discreetly as possible to keep attention away from us and where it belongs: on the bride and groom and on Jesus.

In many ways, we are opposites. One wears mostly black and the other wears all the colors. One specializes in portraits and the other in the liturgy. However, when it comes to the most important things, we are united: we love our Faith and our families above all else, we value our friendship, we maintain loyalty not only to our friends but also our clients, we want our love of God to come through all of our work, and we want every image we take to draw people closer to Him. These differences and similarities strengthen our connection to each other, our clients, and our work, making us the fun, dynamic, passionate team we are.

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