Cathy’s Cross


Homebase: Wisconsin

Also serving: Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota

When Covid hit in March of 2020, I decided to really study and meditate on the mystery of the Rosary. Little did I know the Rosary would prepare me and my family for an unforeseen tragedy. On February 12, 2021, our daughter Cathy as in a tragic skiing accident in Bozeman Montana and didn’t make it off the mountain. Cathy, at 21 was so full of life and really starting to bloom. The Rosary has given me peach and reinforced my beliefs. As Cathy’s friends started getting married, I didn’t know what to give them. In Cathy’s honor and memory I started making Bridal Rosary Sets. Cathy’s Cross was then born. Bridger Bowl in Bozeman Montana, let us name a run after Cathy……Cathy’s Cross!

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