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Let’s just say–I didn’t set out to plan weddings. In 2021, I completed my doctorate in Political Science and for several years I worked as a research analyst and taught undergraduate students. However, I always had a deep love of wedding planning and a passion for our Catholic faith, and I wanted a career that would glorify God in a meaningful way.

In wedding planning, I utilize the same approach that I did as a researcher. If I don’t know the answer to your questions, I don’t stop searching until I’ve presented you with a solution. I assess my clients’ events holistically and can identify gaps that need to be addressed to ensure the event is a success. I have experience presenting complicated information in a simplified manner to help relieve your stress in the planning process. I also use my research background to conduct ongoing market research to know exactly what modern Catholic brides need from a wedding planner.

Other fun facts about me: My family immigrated to America from Uruguay, Argentina, and Portugal so I speak Spanish and Portuguese! I am a mega-nerd for Star Wars and have a black lab named Ahsoka Paw-no. I love books by Mitch Albom, prefer coffee to tea, and adore Christmastime! (Yes, I could listen to Christmas music 365 days a year!) If any of this deeply resonates with you, I’d love to work together! 😉

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