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Also serves: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Nationwide

My name is Annika and I’m a Catholic wedding photographer serving the Chicagoland area and beyond. I’m married to my husband, Luke! We just moved from Evanston to Buffalo Grove, IL and we love the space. Our second home is in Eau Claire, WI where we both grew up about one mile away from each other. We welcomed our baby son into the world June 2022 & it’s been the best part of our lives since. Starting our family opened me to a whole different BEAUTIFUL element to wedding photography. As a wedding photographer I’m not only capturing a wedding for the bride and groom but I’m capturing it for their children and their children’s children. The gallery will not only show the love they shared on their wedding day but also the Catholic faith they shared and loved. WOW! One thing that is very important to me is my Ukrainian Greek Catholic faith – It’s so full of rich and mystical traditions. I grew up in west central Wisconsin where there wasn’t a local Byzantine Church so I went to Latin Rite churches a majority of the time and traveled to Minnesota for feast days. I have grown to love the beauty of both liturgical traditions. In 2019 I attended Katholische Hochschule ITI in Austria where they celebrated both rites of the church. Outside of photography I love gardening, listening to classic books, swimming, and watching Survivor with Luke.

Illinois Catholic Wedding Photographer

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