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Instagram: @annalincolnphotography

Homebase: Ohio

Will travel to these states for no travel fees: Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Also serves: Nationwide

Based in central Ohio, I have been photographing weddings for 3 years. Being able to capture the moments that matter specifically to each couple is my goal. I strive to capture the beauty, truth and goodness of my couples’ wedding days – especially in the Mass. After having a wonderful Catholic photographer at my own wedding five years ago, my appreciation of being able to use my talents as a photographer and love of my faith together has only grown. I have worked with several parishes in my area photographing other Sacramental occasions. My toddler boys and husband are my (sometimes unwilling) photography models. When I am not behind the camera I am probably playing with trucks or dinosaurs with my kiddos.

Ohio Catholic Wedding Photographer

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