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Hello, I’m Allie Logsdon! Built on the goodness, the graces the beauty of the Catholic faith- this business is a reflection of how I see our Lord. The way I see the Lord guide me, direct me, and let me enter into creation with Him. This business has gone above and beyond all my dreams because God is constantly and always at the center of it. My goal is to always make you feel comfortable, and cared for so you can have a joyful time! I am a wife to the sweetest man, a mama to 7 babies in heaven, and a lover of the Catholic faith! I have been a creative, arts and crafts girl since I was little and have never really stopped creating. My husband and I have been married for 2 years and we live in the sweetest historic neighborhood right across from the view of the Cincinnati skyline, the city I claim as home! We attend a Traditional Latin Mass parish called Old Saint Mary’s and it is the most beautiful and reverent church I have ever known- it has been a huge gift to our family as well as an inspiration for my photography. I love warm colors, earth tones, wood, and art that just point towards our Lord. In all I do I try to share the goodness and graces of the Mass, and of Holy Matrimony!

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