Aja Maria Floral Preservation

Website: www.ajamariafloral.com

Instagram: @ajamariafloral

Homebase: Pennsylvania

Also serves: Nationwide

I am a wife and mother living in Pittsburgh, PA. I began preserving flowers in 2017 after I made a small wreath out of my own already dried wedding bouquet. When friends saw what I made, they began to ask me to preserve their flowers and this caused me to begin researching the best methods of flower preservation so I could create a way for those I loved to commemorate their wedding day by capturing and preserving the essence of each beautiful bloom. A great deal of a couple’s resources go into the selection of wedding flowers, and just throwing these flowers away after the wedding seems criminal! This venture opened up a wonderful creative opportunity for me; I found a way to incorporate my love for flowers into my everyday life which proved to be both therapeutic and providential. When my family began to grow, I left my job as a speech-language pathologist to turn my attention to my husband and children. God mercifully allowed me to have a creative outlet in caring for my family while preserving flowers from my home on my free time. After years of practice, I perfected my method and am able to work with hundreds of blooms and offer dozens of options for showcasing a bride’s wedding flowers in her home. I have preserved hundreds of bouquets since my first humble wreath was created and can confidently work with absolutely any bouquet I am given to create a lasting piece of artwork that couples can enjoy in their homes throughout their marriage. My Catholic faith is reflected in my work in a profound way. Flowers serve as a symbol for countless human concepts. Within the Church, flowers are directly above the altar among the sacred images portrayed in such a prominent spot in order to direct the attention to God and Heaven. Within the home, I hope that my artwork serves as both a reminder of the wedding day as well as the duty of the bride and groom to glorify God through incorporating beauty into everyday life.

Catholic Wedding Floral Preservation

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