A Classic Military Wedding | Karianna & Vinnie

This wedding feature was written and submitted by Karianna, a Catholic bride!

It’s still crazy to say this, but we actually met on Catholic Match! Never did we think that we would meet our future spouse through online dating, but we did! So happy we both took a leap of faith and signed up, it was crazy. Karianna signed up for Catholic Match and met Vinnie in the first week! Vinnie was actually getting ready to delete his account when he found Karianna. Vinnie proposed on the 4th of July, which was the anniversary of the first time we talked on the phone. That first phone call we thought would last a few minutes turned into 2.5 hour conversation and truly changed our lives forever. The spot where the proposal took place was actually at Karianna’s grandparents house in the same spot she was where she made that first phone call. It truly was a pretty special moment.

Our wedding day was so special and there are so many stories we could share. We could share about how exciting and amazing it was to have all our family and friends together in one place. We could share about how much fun it was dancing the night away on the dance floor. Or that feeling you have when you are sitting in the middle of mass after saying your vows realizing that you are married! I think for us what we will share the most is the music. When we are at mass on Sunday now and one of the songs that was played at our wedding mass is song it takes us right back to that moment. Or when a song we danced to at the reception comes on the radio, I can clearly picture the people around me dancing and having fun. I think the music throughout the day helps us to really relive those special moments everyday, and can’t wait to share that with our children over the years to come!

Three things I would totally recommend for any Catholic wedding:

1. Get personalized prayer cards for your wedding! Seriously it has been so amazing to know after our wedding that family and friends are still praying for us. To see the prayer cards displayed at the houses of our friends and family has been so special.

2. Have a Crucifix or Cross Blessed at your wedding mass! We had heard of the tradition to say your vows over a crucifix and wanted to do it too. It was so fun having during the wedding planning to have a date to find a cross for our wedding / future bedroom. Now that we are married it is a daily reminder of how our relationship is centered in Christ!

3. Invite the Children! There is something very special about having kids at your wedding. Having our cousins children and friends children at our wedding was so special. From the little things they did during the mass as flower girls, to watching them dance on the dance floor while every was eating their salads, they truly made the day so fun. It has been so sweet also to here the kids remember the wedding day and talk all about their favorite details, especially dancing with “Uncle” Vinnie! Children need to see what weddings are within the Church, so they can dream and be excited to get married in the Church one day!

Karianna & Vinnie’s wedding feature was written and submitted by the bride! Photography from Lauren Dixon Photography.

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