4 Tips for Incorporating Your Catholic Faith into Your Wedding Favors 

1. Give a favor that encourages prayer for your marriage!

A holy card with a prayer specifically for you is a wonderful favor because your guests can take it home and continue to pray for you for long after your wedding is over. 

Catholic Wedding Favor: Prayer Card

2. Avoid giving anything Blessed.

You have no control over what your guests will do with your wedding favor once they bring it home, and blessed objects come with an obligation to be treated with respect and disposed of in a certain way. Avoid favors like blessed rosaries, medals, holy water, etc. Your devout Catholic friends that value a blessing can always seek one out later for themselves! 

3. Consider Giving an Edible Favor.

Edible favors are always great because guests are motivated to take them home, and because leftovers are delicious to dispose of. Believe it or not, there are plenty of treats and snacks that hold Catholic symbolism or cultural significance. For example, did you know that Ferrero Rocher is inspired by Lourdes? A Lourdes holy card with Ferrero Rocher attached would make such a great wedding favor! Or if you’re looking for something more monastic inspired, check out some of the many monk/nun run businesses that sell everything from coffee beans to soap to beer! 

4. Work with a Catholic business or DIY your favors! 

Haven’t come across a Catholic wedding favor that catches your eye? Create it! Many Catholic businesses may not be advertising exactly what you are looking for, but might be willing to make an exception to be a part of your day. You can inquire about a wholesale purchase, or about specialty creations. Check out some of our vendors that sell home goods and products. Dive into Pinterest for some inspiration about DIY favors! How cute would candles like this be with a Miraculous Medal? There’s really no limit on what you could create!

And finally, just a reminder that you don’t even need to have wedding favors, nor do they have to have a Catholic theme if it’s not something you’re feeling called to! Remember that your Catholic wedding will be a sacrament regardless of the little details, and the beauty of the day will shine through your wedding mass and your love for your spouse! 

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